Securing the Future  –   HHSO NAMED CHAIR PROGRAM

2016-2017 SEASON
The Symphony is pleased to announce that two Chairs were endowed in the 2016-2017 Season.

The Robert and Margaret Gallagher Memorial Chair – endowed the Music Director Chair. through their estate.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Briggs graciously endowed the Principal Viola Chair.

Other recent endowments – 2014:

Dr. William P. and Judy F. Thorpe have graciously endowed the Principal Tuba Chair in honor and memory of Richard B. Heyman, M.D. 

W. George and Marianne Krall have graciously endowed the Principal Timpani Chair 

The purpose of the NAMED CHAIR PROGRAM is to attract and retain distinguished musicians for the Orchestra.  Endowed Chairs provide the foundation necessary for the Orchestra to continue to grow in musical competence and stature. The Program was established to help guarantee the long term financial success of the organization

The program offers the contributor, whether individual or family, the opportunity to endow a named Chair that reflects their particular interest. Beginning in 2012, to celebrate the beginning of a new era for the orchestra, Named Chairs will be offered for either a 10 year or 20 year period and are priced as follows with the 10 year price listed first/then the 20 year price:

   MUSIC DIRECTOR . . . . . $300,000/$500,000

  CONCERTMASTER . . . .  $125,000/$200,000



  SECTION CHAIRS……… 25% less than corresponding principal chairs.

The following chairs are available for endowing:
Violin II, Bass Principal Chairs and numerous section chairs.

All endowed Chairs are tax deductible.  They may be paid over a period of up to three years.  Named Chair funds are invested to maximize the potential for future return.

A sincere “Thank You” to the following members of our orchestra family who have generously supported our efforts by naming Orchestra Chairs for 20 years:

Mary and Michael Briggs                     Principal Viola

Fred and Sandy Caswell                      Principal Percussion

Marge and Paul Coble                          Principal Clarinet

Nancy and John Diamond                   Principal Trumpet

Patty and David Ekedahl                     Principal Oboe

Robert and Margaret Gallagher          Music Director

Walter Graver                                        Principal Flute

Hilton Head Orchestra League           Principal Harp

Marianne and W. George Krall            Principal Timpani

Mary Ellen and Jack McConnell         Principal Keyboard

Lin and Bob Rada                                 Principal Trombone

Estate of Adline W Schroeder            Concertmaster

Liz and Walt Schymik                          Principal Horn

Willis and Doris Shay                           Principal Bassoon

Charles and Ellen Taylor                     Principal Cello

Dr. William P. and Judy F. Thorpe      Principal Tuba
(in honor & memory of Richard B. Heyman, M.D.)

Jean S. Wolff                                          Section Violin
(in memory of Alfred W. Wolff)                                                    

 Personalized giving enhances our community’s cultural arts, enabling the Orchestra to continue providing world-class guest soloists and imaginative and masterful concerts that bring audiences to their feet, time after time.  For information on endowments please contact Mary Briggs at the HHSO office, 843-842-2055.